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Youth Boxers
About Total KO 

Total K.O. Boxing Club (TKO) is a Fort Worth-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is a health initiative. We are determined to provide innovative solutions to the ever-growing prevalence of overweight youth, and the growing number of youth falling from the education system into the justice system. TKO intends to address these needs through boxing trainers, tutors, and mentors. 


The mission of Total K.O. Boxing Club is to improve the self-esteem, academic achievement, and wellness of low-income girls through non-contact boxing in a safe, clean, positive training environment.


Our focus will be on serving children and young adults through our after-school and summer programs, but women of all ages are welcome and encouraged to join the club. We aim to encourage young women to stay off the streets, out of trouble, and in school.


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