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R.I.P Total KO Co-Founder and Vice President, Eric M. Rocha

Total K.O. Boxing Club was just an idea a year ago, and as long as Eric had been with the organization, we never failed to sense the dedication and hard work contributed by him. His input always instilled confidence in the direction of our services. His absence will create a significant gap as we continue without him and he will not be soon forgotten. 


We had recently won a social innovation grant from United Way of Tarrant County, and as we carry on with the business Eric helped create, we will continue to succeed. In doing so, we will be honoring Eric. He was always concerned with working towards building Total K.O., never in gaining personal recognition.


On behalf of everyone at Total K.O. Boxing Club, Eric will be unquestionably missed by us—and by those who knew him. Many of us worked with him on various projects, and he left a lasting positive impression upon us all. He was a trusted business partner and a friend to many. 

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